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Theology: introduction

St Augustine : Augustinian novices Intramuros, Manila Philippines
Augustinian novices
Intramuros, Manila
Augustine is arguably the most influential post-biblical thinker in the history of the church.

His life and theology have been the basis for exciting and vigorous discussion in the area of religion, since the death of Augustine in the year 430.

An introduction to Augustine, quite literally is an introduction to the basic tenets and theology of the Western Christian Church.

Inspired greatly by the thought of the Apostle Paul, Augustine created a theology that has remained basic to Western Christian thought, both Roman Catholic and Protestant, ever since.

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Theology: Preface (1): An overview of what Augustine achieved in his study of theology, and the ares in which he was limited.

Theology: Preface (2): The great range of the theological writings of Augustine. A resource for both Catholic and Protestant scholars.

Theology of Grace: For Augustine, grace is the freedom of God to act without any external necessity whatsoever. A central theme in all the writing of Augustine is the sovereign God of grace and the sovereign grace of God.

Theology of Eucharist: Four pages of notes about the theology of Augustine from a contemporary Catholic stance.

Theology of Predestination:  (Three pages) The classical medieval understanding on predestination was based on the more moderate thoughts of Augustine on the matter. Avoiding the extremes within the position of Augustine, the Catholic dogma of predestination keeps to the golden mean.

Theology and Thomas Aquinas: (Three pages) Aquinas recognised the precious metal contained in a somewhat unrefined manner amidst the voluminous writing of Augustine. He was the person skilled enough to extract it effectively. He readily acknowledged Augustine as a source of much of his own thought.

The Just War Theory: Augustine never used the term, "Just War." The Roman Catholic theologian Thomas Aquinas (1225-1274) systematically applied the theology of Augustine and formulated it into specific criteria for military action.

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Theology: introduction
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