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St Augustine : Augustinian pastor Nagoya, Japan
Augustinian pastor
Nagoya, Japan

Augnet wishes to commend some of the best web sites about Augustine or Augustinian ministries.

For a Province web site.

Province of Spain. (This web page is written in Spanish.) A large web page, necessarily so in a large Province that serves not only in Spain but also in South America. The web site is well maintained, and frequently receives news items and updated materials. In that the Province is represented in countries half a world apart, the web site is used in a practical way as a means of disseminating information.

For a web site of an Augustinian area smaller than a Province.

The Mission Vicariate of Cafayete, Argentina. (This web page was written in Spanish.) Agustinos en Misión... Prelatura de Cafayate: acompañamiento en la fe del pueblo Calchaquí (República Argentina). Here is a very artistic and thoughtful use of photography, colour and music, which together allow the web site to communicate even to those who do not read Spanish.

For a web site of a school in the Augustinian tradition.

Colégio Santo Agostinho, Belo Horizonte & Contagem, Brazil. (This web page was written In Portuguese). For its appearance, colour and the use - but not the over-use - of features generated by computer, this web site is outstanding.

For an Augustinian parish web site.

Parish of Saint Ann, Madrid, Spain. (Parroquia Santa Ana y la Esperanza, Moratalaz, 28030 Madrid.) This web page is written in Spanish. A very sophisticated web site that is updated weekly. It is full of colour, information and photographs. The web site succeeds in capturing the life and spirit of the parish.

Other kinds of Augustinian web sites.

Reflections on Augustinian spiritual tradition and Augustinian ministry. (This web page was written in Spanish.) This is produced by the same source as the web site listed immediately above this paragraph. http://web.jet.es/osanazaret/Sierra111_page211.htm  

Reflections on a choice of values in life. (This web page was written in Spanish.) Another excellent Spanish production.

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WWW: Augustinian
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