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Its government - 01

St Augustine : Prior General at Escorial community Spain
Prior General
at Escorial community

The governance of the Order is possibly best described by beginning at the local level.
Each community is a fraternity, with a leader who is called a Prior.
This word is taken from the Latin phrase, prior inter pares, meaning that he is "first among equals".
In older orders such as the Benedictines, the leader is the "superior", i.e., the one who is "higher".
In the Augustinian mendicant tradition, the leader stands not "higher", but as an equal in the middle of the circle on the same level as all other community members.
The communities in a number of Augustinian houses (called Priories in many nations, and Convents in other nations) form an administrative district called a Province.
Just as each house has a Prior, each Province has a Prior Provincial. The Provincial and his Council are the usual agents of transferring members from one house in the Province to another.
Just as each Province has a Prior Provincial as its leader, the Order has a Prior General to lead it internationally.
The Prior General and his Council have an ambassadorial role between the Augustinian Order and the Vatican, assist in maintaining a positive spirit among the brethren, propose and facilitate initiatives that are international in scope, and generally facilitate communication and coordination among the Augustinian Provinces.
The local Prior and the region al Prior Provincial each have a term of office that lasts for four years, which are renewable for an additional four years.
The international Prior General has a term of six years, which can be renewed for another six years.
Except at the local level, it is exceptional that these officials have a third consecutive term of office.
In the spirit of fraternity, they make way for another Augustinian to take over their office.
The Curia is led by the international leader of the Order (called the Prior General),
Robert Prevost O.S.A. from the Chicago Province in the United States of America. Giancarlo Cerrioto from the Province of Italy is the Vicar General.
Assistants General:
Alejandro Moral O.S.A., of the Province of Spain.
Franz Klein, O.S.A. of the Province of Germany.
Michael de Gregorio O.S.A., of the Province of Villanova (U.S.A.)
Fernando Zarazua O.S.A. of the Province of Mexico.
Rommel Par O.S.A. of the Cebu (Philippines) Province.
Secretary General: Miguel Angel Martín Juárez, O.S.A.
Econome General: Martin Micallef O.S.A. of the Province of Malta.
Procurator General: Alejandro Moral O.S.A., of the Province of Spain.

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Its government - 01
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