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Events: centenaries

St Augustine : Augustinian monastery Tolentino, Italy
Augustinian monastery
Tolentino, Italy

In an Order with over 750 years of history, centenaries of many significant past events happen all the time.
Here is a list of a few major centenary celebrations that happened in recent years.
During the years 2004 - 2006 the Augustinians elebrated an "Augustinian Jubilee."
Each year centred upon a specific celebration, as well as upon one of the major topics that the Augustinian Ordinary General Chapter of 2001 chose to develop as part of the program of the Order during these years:
During 2005: The 700th anniversary of the death of Saint Nicholas of Tolentine, the first person in the Order to be declared a saint by the Church. The principal theme centred around the Social Apostolate, with a focus on Augustinian Evangelization: preaching the Word, promoting human life.
During 2006: The 750th anniversary of the "Grand Union" which will give the opportunity to concentrate on the third theme from the 2001 General Chapter: The Augustinian Family.
This emphasised Augustinian spirituality (spiritual tradition) in its dimensions of contemplation and action.
During this jubilee Augustinians and their friends had an opportunity to remember and to celebrate Augustinian heritage.
They also sought ways of strengthening their faith commitment as Augustinians, and looked for new and renewed ways of living out that commitment in the witness to the world.

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Events: centenaries
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