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Events: Tolentino

St Augustine : Nicholas of Tolentino
Nicholas of Tolentino
The year 2005 marked the seventh centenary of the death of Saint Nicholas of Tolentino O.S.A., who was the first Augustinian saint declared after the Grand Union (1256 AD) of the Augustinians.
To mark this seventh centenary, the Augustinians at Tolentino have held a special series of cultural, religious and visual events.
These are centred at the Egidian Library within the Augustinian monastery at Tolentino, which is working in conjunction with the local university and other interested groups.
In 2004 and 2005 two international congresses were held. One was historical in its focus, and the other theological, so that a more complete picture emerged of the cultural and spiritual climate in which Nicholas of Tolentine lived and worked seven hundred years ago.
In the period of 2004-2006 three volumes were published, dedicated to the iconography of Saint Nicholas over the past seven hundred years.
In following all the stages that were involved in spreading devotion of Saint Nicholas, these three books described the expansion of the Augustinian Order internationally, and described all of the confraternities of Saint Nicholas that arose in various nations at different points during the past seven hundred years.
Thirdly, there was a grand exhibition of the most important works of painting and sculpture which have either the figure or the life of Saint Nicholas as the main theme.
The exhibition toured four venues: Tolentine (Italy) from October to December 2004, Rome from March to April 2005, Madrid (Spain) in the autumn of 2005, and a city in Central Europe in the spring of 2006.

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Events: Tolentino
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