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St Augustine : Basilica of Saint Nicholas Tolentino Italy
Basilica of Saint
"Prayer is the protection of holy souls, a consolation for the guardian angel, an insupportable torment to the devil, a most acceptable homage to God, the best and most perfect praise for penitents and virgins, the greatest honour and glory, the preserver of spiritual health." (Augustine: Letter to Proba)
"Holy prayer is the column of all virtues, a ladder to God, the support of widows, the foundation of faith, the crown of virgins, the sweetness of the married life. (Sermon 22: Ad Fratres in eremo apud St Aug.)

Augustine Day by Day - Edited by the late John Rotelle O.S.A. of Villanova, Pennsylvania, United States of America.
Reflections on a dying life - based on Saint Augustine. By Donald Burt O.S.A. of Villanova University, Pennsylvania, United States of America.
Pensando con San Agustin ¡Ordena tu amor! Mira a tu interior..., no sea que ames lo que no debes, o no ames lo que debes amar... ¡Ordena tu amor!
Mira a tu interior…..Esta página quiere ofrecerte un espacio para el re encuentro contigo mismo..., con los hermanos..., con Dios... ID0215

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Prayer: links
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