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Works of Augustine

This second mjajor section of Augnet describes the work that Augustine performed by writing, preaching and pastoral activity.

It adds the finer detail that was not included in the previous biographical section.

The work of Augustine is not only the five million words in his books, letters and sermons that still exist, but also his achievement through his influence in many areas of human thought and Western tradition.

"Every time we hear Saint Augustine spoken of, we experience something like a tremor of joy, of great devotion, of great communion. He seems to us to be such a universal and dynamic being, so much the interpreter of the two worlds we must bring together: the world of human beings and the world of God… He is an encyclopedia of the Christian life and the spiritual life." ID2714

- Pope Paul VI

More Information

His writings The books, letters and sermons of Augustine are covered here.
His Spiritual Tradition Augustine's spiritual side and broad spiritual influence
His Ideas A range of the ideas of Augustine are here.
His Impact These are areas of thought and human practice where Augustine has left a mark.
St Augustine : Augustinian mural Cochabamba Bolivia South America
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