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Indonesia: Susweni - 01

A new school Augustinian school opened in the Asia-Pacific on 16th July 2010 in the Indonesian Province of Papua Barat. It joins a band of other Asian-Pacific Augustinian schools in Australia (2), Japan (1), India (1) and the Philippines (6).
The new school is located at Susweni, a district in the developing outskirts of Manokwari, the capital of Papua Barat Province, Indonesia. The city of Manokwari has a population of 65,000, which is approximately the same as that of Bendigo, Launceston or Rockhampton (Australia) and half that of Maastricht (Holland).

St Augustine : Indonesia: Susweni - 01

Photo (above): The main building of Villanova Senior High School in July 2010, before the school opened.
In 2005 the Indonesian Province of Papua, centred on the city of Jayapura, had the new Province of Papua Barat excised from it, centred on the city of Manokwari. Hence today there is the (reduced) Province of Papua, with its capital at Jayapura, and the Province of Papua Barat, with its capital at Manokwari.
The new school is named Villanova Senior High School in honour of St Thomas of Villanova O.S.A. (1486 - 1555), who for the Order of St Augustine is the patron saint of studies. It is called a senior high school because, in the Indonesian educational system, it will have only the final three years of the six-year high school curriculum (i.e., Grades 10, 11 and 12).
In the same city of Manokwari, the Catholic Church has only a diocesan junior high school (i.e., Grades 7, 8 and 9). The city already has ten senior high schools, which variously are governmental, Moslem, Protestant and private, but until then had no Catholic senior high school.

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Indonesia: Susweni - 01
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