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Czech Republic - 01:  The chequered history of the Order in Czech territory over the centuries, affected by the invasion of the Turks, the Protestant Reformation, and World War II and Communist domination.

The Question of Poverty: How was the Order to address the call to evangelical poverty in everyday life?

Political Theory. Did Augustine specifically have a political theory?  

Augustine Quiz. Try your knowledge with thirty-three questions.

Philippines - 02. Irish Augustinians who worked in the Philippines in the 17th century.

Honorary papal chaplaincies. These honorary papal chaplaincies became overused and abused, and drew talented friars away from community life.

Finding Augustine. A multi-language Augustinian project in Belgium and the U.S.A. to list online a very thorough high-standard bibliography concerning Augustine of Hippo and his legacy.

Augustinian Martyrs. A list of 465 martyrs of the Order of St Augustine since 1256 AD.
Halley’s Comet. It was visible in Carthage at the time of the conversion of Augustine. Did its appearance influence Augustine?
Carmelite Friars: Another mendicant order whose history somewhat paralleled that of the Augustinian Order.

The Black Death. The caused a sudden decline in Europe's population, and that of the Order of St Augustine as well.
Poland - 01. An overview of Augustinian involvement in Poland during numerous periods as long ago as the year 1342.
Indonesia - Susweni. Villanova Senior High School opened on 16th July 2010.
Rome: Santa Susanna. A Roman church, now beloved of United States' citizens, that was administered by the Augustinians in medieval times.

Girolamo Savonarola - 01 to 03: A Dominican friar in Florence dramatically began a reform movement in the Church.

Via Francigena - 01 to 07: An ancient pilgrims' walking route from Canterbury, England to Rome, via France, Switzerland and northern Italy. It is still being used after as many as one thousand years.

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Augnet: latest pages
   Augnet: latest pages
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