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Discussion materials

St Augustine :
These four sessions that have been prepared by Kate Everitt for use in her three One World Week with Augustine groups comprising of young adolescents.
Of course other groups will need to modify the material (and may even change the number of sessions) to suit their particular group.

(For this purpose, see the resources page for additional materials available here on this Augnet web site.)

Session One: What is friendship? 
An outline and a handout to be printed before the meeting.
Session Two: Friendship within the family.
            An outline and a handout with an exercise and discussion questions to be printed before the meeting.

Session Three: Friendship in our community.
            A one-page outline.

Session Four: Friendship in God.
            A one-page outline.
Celebration Day: A sample programme.
            Here is Kate's programme for her three One World Week with Augustine groups of adolescents in Drogheda, Ireland. Groups elsewhere need to devise their own celebration, according to their local circumstances.

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Discussion materials
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Session One - outline
Session One - handout
Session Two - outline
Session Two - exercise
Session Three
Session Four
Materials from Nairobi, Kenya
Materials from Sydney, Australia
Materials from Orlagh, Ireland
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