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Augustine's Words on Friendship - 05

St Augustine : Fresco: Augustiine
Fresco: Augustiine

24. In Christ, friendship achieves a certain permanence. Friendship is faithful in Christ, in whom alone it can become eternal, attaining happiness.
[Against the Pelagians 1.1]

25. What restored and re-created me above all was the consolation of friends, in whose company I loved what I was loving as a substitute for you.
[Confessions Bk. IV 8.11]
26. Whenever a person is without a friend, not a single thing in the world appears friendly to him.
[Letter 130:2.4]
27. There is no greater consolation than the unfeigned loyalty and mutual affection of good and true friends.
[City of God 19.8]
28. I confess that I cast myself without reservation on the love of those who are especially close to me, particularly when worn out by the upsets of the world. In their love I rest without the slightest worry, because I perceive that God is present there. In this security I am undisturbed my fear of the uncertainty of the morrow. …. For when I see that a person is aflame with Christian love and has therefore become a faithful friend to me, I know that whatever thoughts or considerations I entrust to him, I entrust not to another human being, but to God in whom that person dwells, and by whom he is who he is.
[Letter 73: 3.10]
29. When many rejoice together, there is a richer joy in each individual since they enkindle themselves and inflame one another.
[Confessions Bk. VIII 4.9]
30. The first thing a baby sees are its parents, and life begins with their friendship.
[Sermon 9.7]
31. We should esteem highly health and friendship, and we may never despise these. Health and friendship are natural goods. God created the human being so that he or she could exist and live a life that is healthy. But in order that the human being should not be alone, he or she desires friendship. Now, friendship begins with wife end children, and then reaches out to strangers.
[Sermon 299D.16.1]
32. If together we hold firm to the two precepts of love, our friendship will be true and everlasting, and it will unite us not only to one another, but to the Lord Himself.
[Letter 258.4]
33.  When we are weighed down by poverty and grief makes us sad, when bodily pain makes us restless and exile despondent, or when any grievance afflicts us; if there be good people at hand who understand the art of rejoicing with the joyful and weeping with the sorrowful, who know how to speak a cheerful word and uplift us with their conversation, then we shall nearly always find the rough made smoother, the burden lightened, and our troubles overcome.
[Letter 130:2.4. Another translation of this text follows hereunder.]
34.    These good people (friends) seem to spread no small comfort about them; even in this life. For, if poverty pinches, if grief saddens, if physical pain unnerves them, if exile darkens their life, if any other misfortune fill them with foreboding, let there be good people at hand who know how to ‘rejoice with them that rejoice’, as well as to ‘weep with them that weep’ (Rom 12.15), who are skilled in helpful words and conversation, then in large measure those bitter trials are lessened, the heavy burdens are lightened, the obstacles are met and overcome. But He who makes them good by His Spirit effects this in and through them.
[Letter 130.2,4]

  Talking about the group in which he stole the pears
: What an exceedingly unfriendly form of friendship that was!
[Confessions Bk II.9.17

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Augustine's Words on Friendship - 05
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