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One World Week with Augustine: Resources

St Augustine : Augustinian youth group Drogheda, Ireland 2008
Augustinian youth group
Drogheda, Ireland 2008
This page lists background material that is already available here on Augnet.

For suggested discussion materials for
One World Week in Augustine that were posted on this web site on 8th March 2008, click here.
I:  From the Order of Saint Augustine
What follows is an adaptation and abridgment of the indicated sections of Plan of Augustinian Formation (Ratio Institutionis) published by the Order of Saint Augustine in Rome during 1993 and thereafter.
For full bibliographical details, click here.
Part Two: Sharing life in community
[2074   A life of love                  
[2075   A life of humility            
[2078   Friendship in God            
[2100   A life of harmony         
Part Three: Sharing the search for God in community
[2102  A journey of Faith             
[2103  To Encounter with God     
[2114  Formation to Prayer           
[2115  Formation to interiority      
Part Four: Sharing the apostolate in community
[2116  Apostolate – Introduction         
[2117  Apostolate as service                
[2118  Apostolate and Community      
[2119  Preparation for apostolate         
[2120  Variety of apostolates                
II:  Augustine’s own words about Friendship

III:  Materials provided by some One World Week With Augustine groups.
IV:  Translation of Augustine by Sister Margaret Atkins

[2289  "Bear one another's burdens.." (four pages)

V:  Further relevant resources on this Augnet web site
[2166 A workshop outline on St Augustine: Celebrating Friendship.

Like a Kindling Fire: Meanings of Friendship in the Life and Writings of St Augustine. Drawing on the image of fire, Augustine associates friendship and fire, describing friendship as a sharing of the counsels of the heart. This article was written by Edward C. Sellner in 1991 when he was Associate Professor of Pastoral Theology and Spirituality at the College of St. Catherine, at St. Paul, Minnesota, U.S.A.. Published in Spirituality Today, Autumn 1991, Vol. 43, No. 3, pp. 240-257.

Quiz on Augustine

For a quiz on Augustine produced for the OWWWA group of Augustinian postulants at Southlands, Nairobi, Kenya, click here.



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One World Week with Augustine: Resources
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