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One World Week with Augustine: 2008

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This is an Irish initiative to bring people together to explore something of the spirituality of St Augustine, to have fun in the process, and to have a sense of being united with others elsewhere doing the same thing.

The idea was developed by Kate Everitt of Augustinian youth ministry in Drogheda, Ireland from her experience of the One World Week with youth groups. Kate, along with Bernadette Toal and two Irish Augustinians, will become a coordinating committee to undertake the work of organising the project.

Already a number of groups, some in Ireland and others in Malta, the Netherlands, Philippines, Kenya, Canada, England, Ecuador, U.S.A., Spain and Australia, have enrolled to take part (see next page). The event will also be celebrated by Augustinian missionaries in Ecuador.

The Idea

Participating groups will undertake to study a particular aspect of the spirituality of St Augustine, and then celebrate the fruits of their exploration in a Celebration Day. In this they will be united in spirit with other groups celebrating elsewhere during the designated One World Week With Augustine. It is also possible that groups geographically near one another may arrange to come together for their celebration event.

The Method

The theme chosen for exploration is FRIENDSHIP. Each group will explore the theme in a series of four meetings. Suggested resource materials and discussion questions will be prepared and provided by the coordinating committee mentioned above. These materials will be uploaded here on the Augnet web site before the end of March 2008.

Then each group will hold a CELEBRATION DAY in the week May 11-18th, 2008. This week is chosen because May 16th is the feast of St Augustine’s close friend,
Alypius. Groups may decide to come together for this Celebration Day.

Suggestions will be offered for the format of this day, but each group will be free to give it the shape they think most suitable for their local circumstances. It is suggested that each group might make some record of their celebration event for circulation to other groups after 18th May by whatever means they wish – photos, YouTube video clips, emails, website, print, etc.


Until other instructions appear here at a later date, persons can enquire about and/or enrol a group by using the Augnet contact facility at the bottom page of this web page. These messages will then promptly be passed on to Kate and the coordinating committee.

The coordinating committee invites intending groups to enrol as soon as possible.

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One World Week with Augustine: 2008
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