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Papal Visit


Pope Benedict XVI has accepted an invitation from the Order of Saint Augustine to visit the tomb of Saint Augustine in the Augustinian church at Pavia in northern Italy.

Pavia is about one hour by road or train from Milan.

He visited there on Sunday, 22nd April 2007.

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Photographs of the papal visit. Select the gallery named "Italy: Pope at Pavia" after you click here. Photographs courtesy of Tan O.S.A. and Fr Joe Farrell O.S.A.

Papal Visit Report. This page contains additional details of the visit. Click here.

Pope Benedict XVI and Saint Augustine. Read about how the Pope has had links with Augustine and the Order of Saint Augustine throughout much of his life. Click here.

Pope Benedict XVI and Saint Augustine, January 2008. Read a summary of the talks that the Pope gave on Augustine during January 2008.  Click here.

About the Order of Saint Augustine. This is a brief description for those unfamiliar with the Order. Click here.

The mortal remains of Saint Augustine. Read how, since the death of Saint Augustine on 28th August 430, his mortal remains have rested successively in Hippo (now in Algeria), Sardinia (Italy) and Pavia (Italy). Click here.

The Augustinian Church in Pavia. A history of the church that contains the tomb of Saint Augustine, and the Augustinian community that is its custodian. Click here. 

The 750th anniversary of the Grand Union of Order of Saint Augustine. Read how important to the Grand Union was the influence and willingness of the Pope. Click here.

Photo Gallery of the tomb of Augustine and the Augustinian church in Pavia. After you click here, choose the gallery named Italy: Pavia.

Photo Gallery of the Pope's visit to the tomb of Augustine and the Augustinian church in Pavia. After you click here, choose the gallery named Italy: Pope at Pavia.

St Augustine : Pope Benedict XVI
Pope Benedict XVI

St Augustine : Tomb of Augustine
Tomb of Augustine

St Augustine : Statue of Augustine, Pavia
Statue of Augustine, Pavia

Papal Visit
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